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Centre for Human-Animal Connection

We are dedicated to enhancing the mental well-being of individuals through therapy practices that incorporate animals.

About Us

Centre for Human-Animal Connection (CHAC) is a team dedicated to improving the well-being of humans, one human at a time.
Our goal is to foster overall mental well-being in all individuals with the assistance of animals.

"Animals are such agreeable friends. They ask no questions. They pass no criticisms." - George Elliot

With animals, we can be vulnerable, and slowly cultivate a deep sense of trust and companionship. By embracing this vulnerability, we open doors to personal growth and enhanced emotional well-being.

Join us on this journey of vulnerability, empathy, and the profound human-animal bond.

    Our mission

  • To enhance emotional well-being and foster personal growth through the human-animal bond.

Our values

  • Compassion: We approach our counselling services with empathy, understanding, and a genuine desire to support individuals on their journey to improved mental health and well-being.
  • Collaboration: We foster partnerships and collaboration with professionals from various disciplines to ensure a comprehensive and holistic approach to our sessions with animals.
  • Respect & Inclusivity: We hold deep respect for both humans and animals, recognizing their individuality, emotions, and unique contributions to the therapeutic process. We create a safe and inclusive environment where clients and animals are treated with dignity and kindness.

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Our Services

Animal Assisted Education (AAE)

An innovative approach that integrates animals into educational settings to enhance learning experiences and promote personal development.

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Animal Assisted Psychotherapy (AAP)

A form of therapy that harnesses the power of the human-animal connection to support individuals in their journey towards better mental and emotional well-being.

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Animal Assisted Activities (AAA)

An approach to therapy by incorporating animals into recreational or visitation settings.

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ITE Central Counsellor

Working with the facilitators at CHAC has been really pleasant, especially John, Hari and Aifa (CFM).

They are very genuine and authentic in their dealings and demonstrate great rapport with my students, that include students with SEN.

The programme is well-structured and professionally executed. Overall, a positive experience working with the team.


Programme Coordinato & Pertapis Senior Citizens' Fellowship Home (PSCFH)

The session was fun and filled with laughter, the interactions with the Guinea Pig are a kickstart to get the seniors going. Looking forward to more sessions. It is really a heartwarming experience.


Committee member & grassroots organisation

Engaging in CHAC's mindfulness activity with dogs was a transformative experience for our youth community.

Beyond the tranquil moments, participants discovered healthy love languages with their friends and family through unconditional canine companionship.

This innovative approach nurtured empathy, effective communication, and self-care amongst our youth. The program beautifully intertwined mindfulness with fostering positive relationships, leaving an enduring impression of emotional well-being and compassion.


Frequently Asked Questions

We ensure that our therapy practices respect and prioritize the welfare of our animals.
By incorporating animals in our therapeutic interventions, we strive to create a harmonious and compassionate environment that benefits both humans and animals alike, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for all sentient living beings.

Click on this link to see the possible risks associated with animal interaction sessions and some rules participants should abide by to reduce the aforementioned risks. This list is non-exhaustive.

As the animals are a vital part of our team, we hope that all present are comfortable with their presence in sessions. Animals have subjective experiences, feelings, and triggers. As such, Centre for Human-Animal Connection (CHAC) is responsible for their welfare.

While considerable efforts have been undertaken to anticipate and mitigate potential behavior, it is important to acknowledge that animals' actions may not always be entirely predictable. External program venues are equipped with sufficient resources to minimize foreseeable incidents and ensure the safety of both humans and animals.

Moreover, we take deliberate steps to minimize stressors, thereby reducing any potential discomfort to the animals involved. For a comprehensive understanding of possible risks associated with animal interaction sessions and the corresponding guidelines for participants, click on this link to see the possible risks associated with animal interaction sessions and some rules participants should abide by to reduce the aforementioned risks. This list is non-exhaustive.

Certainly! Before engaging in activities involving animal interaction, we respectfully request that you complete a straightforward indemnity form.

Within the indemnity form, kindly disclose any allergies you may have to animals, and we will advise you accordingly.

While we hope to make every activity a fun and enjoyable one, we are dedicated to ensuring that each activity not only provides enjoyment but also prioritizes the well-being of all participants.

Yes we do! Feel free to drop us a message so we can discuss more.







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